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For those who knew us as the Portobello Attic, welcome back and for all those who are new to us, hello! 

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We achieved so much with our previous business we didn’t want to ignore our journey and path which has led us to launch Posh Puddin’. We have been hand making our dairy and gluten free cheesecakes for the past three years, where we sold at famous London markets and events, hosted pop up shops and supplied to London delis and shops. We even won a 2 Star Great Taste Award in 2019!!

Although our name, ingredients and packaging have all changed for the better, we have maintained our passion and drive to create genuine, authentic, and delicious alternative cheesecakes for our customers.

We have spent the most part of 2020 developing and improving all aspects of our business and our cheesecake range. We had three goals this year; to remove harmful plastic from our packaging; to remove soy and palm oil from our ingredients; and to maintain the high-quality taste  that we have always been been recognised for.

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I am so excited to announce that we have finally achieved all three of our goals and our new Posh Puddin’ range is now ethically and consciously hand-made using organic and local ingredients where we can. We now produce our own vegan cream cheese alternative in-house, using a unique blend of pea and coconut and we package all of our cheesecakes in sustainable glass jars for you to keep to re-use at home. Plus the puds are DELICIOUS!!

When making our puds, size was also very important to us. Too small and you can risk feeling underwhelmed, too big and you potentially feel over indulged. As part of the recipe development we had to find the perfect portion size for our cheesecakes. We didn’t want to sacrifice taste or the quality of our ingredients, but we also didn’t want to create a super unhealthy dessert, and so we decided to create a balance. Each pud is perfectly portioned between 85-90g and as a result the puds range between only 256-330 kcals! Happy Days!

We believe that small changes can make a huge difference; we are more than just an indulgent delicious sustainable dessert. With every sale we will be supporting the people in our communities without food and shelter, by providing monetary donations through a proportion of our sales and also through food donations. Now, more than ever, we need to look after our planet and support our local communities.

Shauna & Marie x

Some of the brands we had the pleasure of working with 

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